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Small Product Photography

I have been a small product photographer for over ten years. I have worked for all types of companies from corporations to small business owners. I take great pride in stylizing and lighting products to showcase their sellable attributes.

Lifestyle Portraiture

My philosophy for lifestyle photography is rooted in honesty, with portrait sessions based on real emotions, stances, and personal interactions. Rather than pose, I prefer my clients to relax and interact as if I were not even in the room. Jumping on a bed, playing with bubbles, or going out for ice cream, together we will find fun, joy and movement in every shot.

Professional Photo Retouching

Retouching photos produces the best possible image in addition to evoking the best possible emotion from the viewer. Through careful editing, color balance, and small manipulations to detail any photo can be enhanced to make it shine.

Photography Pricing

Fees are inclusive for the standard session and all high resolution images. As a consumer there are many choices when it comes to selecting a photographer. My pricing removes the variable of a-la-carte costs for each high resolution image so you can easily decide on a service that fits within your budget.

Photography Details

All clients must sign an AEH photography service contract. Product photography clients will be invoiced upon completion of your assignment. Portrait photography clients, a full payment is due the day of our session. AEH Photography only accepts cash or check. Average turnaround time for all images is two to three weeks. All clients will be granted access to a password protected private gallery for full download of all images. A travel fee may be issued for any sessions or assignments outside of San Diego County.

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